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During this 30-year period, the Company uses several agricultural, rural, and wildlife scenes on its printed policies, annual reports, and advertisements. Aside of bold typographical treatments to the Company name, operations continue without a definitive logo for the Company.


An agent in Indiana runs an advertisement for Ohio Farmers in a small-town newspaper using a local printer’s image of a farmer sitting on a fence that the local printer had in his shop.


The Indiana newspaper advertisement catches the eye of a company official and soon earns other admirers within the Company. After research is unable to determine the origin of the “Old Man,” the illustration is adopted for the 1879 Annual Report for Ohio Farmers Insurance Company.

A check – drawn on the Bank of Lexington and signed by Robert E. Lee, former Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate Army – is forwarded to the Company. It bears the date 1868 and shows the image of the “Old Man.”

The source of this printed symbol is traced to a printer in Baltimore – who then supplies Ohio Farmers with an original cut of the image. From that day forward, “The Old Man on the Fence” becomes the symbol that epitomizes the independent, honest, and hard-working philosophy of the Company.

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