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Westfield Township’s first landowners and organizers, Henry Thorndyke and James Fowler, named the Township after Fowler’s hometown in Westfield, Massachusetts.


Fowler further honors his hometown by naming the village he founded Westfield Center. As the name suggests, it is at the geographical center of Westfield Township.


The United States Postal Service moves its local post office in Winston’s Corners (also known as Friendsville) to Westfield Center. As a result – and for reasons speculative but unfounded – the village is christened LeRoy, Ohio.

February 8, 1848

The Ohio Legislature approved a bill authorizing the creation of a fire insurance company. The Company’s entrepreneurial spirit begins and locates its office above Ben Austin’s general store in the center of Westfield.

January 3, 1851

The Company’s name is officially changed to Ohio Farmers Insurance Company – the name that would identify the Company for the next 120 years.

Timeline:  1820-1851    1848-1879    1879-1920    1920-1971    1973-1995    1998-2006    2007-Present
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