About Us - History


Before cars and airplanes.
Before electricity and the telephone.
Before television and technology.
Long before us – and even your parents.

Before all of this, our company was writing policies and serving customers with a level of trust and respect that remains the hallmark of how we conduct our business today.

Our company has journeyed down a long road since a small group of Ohio farmers joined together to form an insurance company to protect their property. Initially known as The Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Medina County, the name was changed three years later in 1851 to Ohio Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. The Company evolved to be what is undoubtedly the quiet but trusted Midwestern staple of insurance over the past 150 years – Ohio Farmers Insurance Company.

We recently reinvigorated our company’s brand identity with a new, all-encompassing name for our business ventures, an innovative and forward-thinking logo, and a tagline that is as true today and for our future as it was in 1848. As we continue to write our history – as an independent group of companies in the insurance and financial services arena – it is important to understand our heritage as a company – how we got to this point and where it all began.

As many consumers might not be aware of our company’s proud past, our new identity, which will be more prominent in the marketplace over time, communicates the history and philosophy that has always been at the foundation – our commitment to Sharing Knowledge. Building Trust.®, remaining independent – for the benefit of our agents, employees, and customers. As we’ve modernized our 19th century image to be more relevant to consumers in the 21st century, rest assured one thing that remains unchanged is our integrity and commitment to our customers.

This retrospective on our company’s brand image is more than just a glimpse at how we’ve updated our corporate identity over time. It is a historical perspective – as our heritage is as much a part of our brand as our name, logo, and the core attributes that envelop our work philosophy at Westfield Insurance®.

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