Independent Agency Partners


Westfield is represented by some of the best Independent Agencies in the business. We take great care and consideration in choosing our agency partners to ensure they are the best fit with both Westfield and the customers they serve. Westfield utilizes an Agency Review process measuring the strength of an agency’s partnership with Westfield, their focus on growing business, how they have effectively positioned their agency for future success, their approach to customer service and how they have strategically aligned with the entire Westfield organization. Through this process a select group of approximately 150 agencies are identified and offered differentiated service and benefits. By placing the right resources and benefits with each agency group, Westfield can efficiently provide value to all our agency partners, drive deeper relationships with high performing agencies to achieve stronger financial performance and position us both to deliver a better experience for our customers

Westfield Trilogy Agencies have been identified as “the best of the best;” an honor reserved solely for this group of agency partners. Representing approximately 7% of Westfield’s overall agency total, Trilogy agencies are partners with a commitment for long-term success.

2017/2018 Westfield Trilogy Agency Partners

Westfield’s Horizon Agencies have been identified as a group of the company’s top performers, quickly approaching its top 10 percent, and recognized as being committed to growing with Westfield for the long term. This group represents approximately 8% of Westfield’s overall agency total.

2017/2018 Westfield Horizon Agency Partners

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